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Trek to Lohagad

Monsoons in Pune are our favorite time of the year, when we have so many options to take a weekend getaway. The climate cools down the mother earth undergoes a drastic transformation to become ‘Sasya shyamala’. It had been a long time since we went on a trek, in fact we did not have a single one in the last year. So this time, as soon as the monsoon arrived, we started looking for a place to go hiking. There is a Facebook page called Pune Hikers which displays the various treks planned around Pune. We checked there and found...

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Merapi: Mountain of Fire

Previously: Journey to Lava land: Borobudur and Mt. Merapi -1 The news of the ‘fresh’ lava flow into the innards of the Mt.Merapi filled us with trepidation.To us, this news was alarming,but was just a piece of information to locals. I guess living on the ‘Pacific ring of fire’ makes you ready to face anything. We were informed that the volcano goes thru cycles and this is merely the start of the next. There was no reason for worry and it would be ‘business as usual’. On hearing this, we gave an emphatic ‘GO’ to the plan. As we waited for our...

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Kodachadri Trek

A vast expanse of blue, dotted with slithering flakes of white and embellished all across with shades of the purest orange; Greenery as far as the eye can see, with clouds sweeping across, as if white curtains are billowing in tandem with the direction of the wind, allowing very little sunlight to seep through – just some examples of the treat that nature bestowed on 25 odd trekkers at Kodachadri over the last weekend. For this treat, all the 25 of us are indeed indebted. [clear] Organized by the Bangalore Mountaineering club, this trek would take its place rightfully...

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Miles to go before I sleep X – Epilogue

Epilogue Day 11 The day we took leave of Kasol, and the Himalayas, and begin our journey to our boring, monotonous, daily life was today for some of us. We woke up that day quite late and went to have breakfast in the hotel where we were joined by all.Remember Nikhi and I wanted to go to river rafting earlier, but didn’t, we had decided to go on day 11 and by now everyone wanted to do it too. So in a way it was good we didn’t go then ‘coz now we went with the whole gang :D....

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Miles to go before I sleep IX – Back to Kasol

Day 10: Return to Base Camp Woke up that day thinking we are returning to base camp today. It was mixed emotions. You don’t want to leave the mountains but you want to return back to civilization too and have a bath (It had been 6-7 days since last bath 🙁 ). I remember having noodles for breakfast that day. We formed our lines, took the counts(Our number significantly reduced since many people had left the previous day) and we set off again, chatting, laughing, joking, the usual. We met some locals on the way, there was a man who...

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