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Is One day Sufficient to See Amsterdam?

The most significant reasons behind a visit to Amsterdam are cultural history (66%), museums (50%), reputation (33%) and the charming, easy-going atmosphere (33%). Favorite activities identified include ‘wandering around the city’ (95%), visiting a museum (85%), ‘dining out’ (70%), visiting a cafe/bar (65%), and shopping (53%). The most popular attractions are the Zuiderzee towns, (34%), the Zaanse Schans (29%) and Haarlem (15%) This new Infographic— Is One day Sufficient to See Amsterdam?—shows you which attractions and favorite activities can do in Amsterdam one day as well as the how to reach, and time required to see them. One Day Amsterdam Trip Itinerary infographics created...

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Photography Tips on Your Trip to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great city with plenty of stunning sights and breath taking scenery to offer. People who love to take photos of the cityscape will surely have an amazing time in this Dutch city. Tourists frequent Amsterdam because of the vibrant and diverse nightlife that can relieve anyone of stress almost instantly. During the day, the streets are full of interesting things that will surely make travellers reach for their cameras and capture those great moments. If you want to go for a photo-walk in this beautiful city, you may find the following tips helpful: 1. First, if...

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Autumn in Amsterdam

‘How much?’ ‘50 Euros’ ‘How long?’ ‘20 to 30 minutes’ ‘50 Euros is too high’ ‘Why not?’ …Silence… A conversation recounted between a tall brown guy and a pale, strikingly pretty girl in flowery blue two piece clothing across a glass door in the red light area close to the central rail station in Amsterdam. I pondered for a long time over what could have been the guy’s answer to ‘Why not?’ What is he paying for? Is it something that can be quantified? And how did she arrive at the figure of 50 Euros? An experience that is...

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Keukenhof gardens

Keukenhoff – Though we still wear overcoats and scarfs but we have day light till 10 pm.Though I still feel as much cold as I used to feel earlier but people say it is Spring time in Netherlands. And what people do in Netherlands during this time – visit Keukenhoff, the largest flower garden in the world housing numerous varieties of flowers mainly Tulips. That’s the place to see spring blossom. The Gardens are situated in a small town called Lisse which is about 30 mins drive from Amsterdam.It opens for only two month every year. Catering to the needs...

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