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Most popular tourist spots in Lahore

A 2,000 years old city is not just about its people, it is about many things – the city of gardens, the city of art, the city of famous dead, the city of festivals, the city of educational institutes, the city of dynasties, the city of Moguls, the heart of Pakistan and of course the city of lively people is popularly and commonly known as Lahore. There is an old adage about Lahore that if you have never been to Lahore, you haven’t lived. The city is a classic blend of old and modern traditions, if you will find...

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Shalimar Garden – Lahore

Built by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan, the Shalimar Garden is located in the Pakistani city of Lahore. A blend of the Persian and Mughal architecture, it’s a beautiful garden with carefully made geometric layout and is famous for its intricate fretwork. The garden is terraced with three different levels. There are 401 fountains fed by a canal called Shah Nahar. There are many buildings in the Shalimar Garden. Some of them are Sawan Bhadum (pavilion), Naqar Khana, Khwabbagh (sleeping chambers), Hammam (Royal Bath) and Aiwan (Grand Hall). Along with the Lahore Fort, the Shalimar Gardens of Lahore are included in...

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