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Paris’ Most Visited Tourist Attractions

Paris is the capital and the most populous city in France. It was the centre of the French revolution which saw rapid changes being made in administrative and living standards throughout the country, and much of the hotels, entertainment trades and restaurants in Paris depend on tourism as their main source of revenue. The number of visitors to this beautiful ‘City of Love’ has vastly increased in recent years making Paris one of the most visited cities in Europe. The French capital is also well developed with modern restaurants and entertainment centres that continue to attract local and international...

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Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Paris, The Five Most Romantic Places

[divider invisible] Across Europe the competition is closed from the immemorial time: the French capital wins without a doubt the palm for the ideal place for lovers. But what are the most romantic places in the pearl side of the Alps? A Valentine’s story is worth spending it in Paris. A memorable Valentine’s Day must be spent it in Paris in one of the five locations listed by Vivaparigi the community for people who live and love the transalpine capital. Let’s see what are the assumptions for the 14th of February with all the trimmings that surround it. We...

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A poetic sojourn in the Alsacian capital

July 14, 9.45 PM – I alighted from the tram at the station Etoile Polygone and searched for a place offering vegetarian fare. 10.30 PM – I quickly settled the bill for a drink and a plate of noodles and rushed out to witness an extraordinary sight. Some 500 people had gathered in the cold weather to witness fireworks. The night sky was lit up by red, green and orange hued sparks as the crowd enamored by the sight cheered on. The fireworks continued for a full 20 minutes…every time the crowd thought the best part of the display...

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