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Circus Circus – Las Vegas

Circus Circus Las Vegas is a hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Owned by MGM Resort International, this iconic landmark of Las Vegas is famous for its circus entertainment and casino, providing a fun package for all ages. First Impression Circus Circus is shaped like a circus tent, glittering in the dark of night with its golden lights and gives the feel of a carnival. In words of Hunter S Thompson, it has “all manner of strange County-Fair/Polish Carnival madness is going on up in this space”. This carefully choreographed madness is the USP of this...

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The Bucket List: III – Machu Picchu

  Long back in 1560s, the once mighty empire of the Incas was taking its last breaths. The Conquistadors from Spain under the leadership of Fransisco Pizzaro had all but annihilated the Incas and were about to wipe out almost all their population the coming decade. The last Inca king was on run and the royal family was in desperate need of a safe refuge from the marauding Spaniards. It was then that they sought their last refuge in the city of Machu Picchu, which became the last capital of the forsaken empire which was soon lost forever. Today...

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