Vishwa Shanti Stupa


Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Rajgir

Vishwa Shanti Stupa (World Peace Pagoda) in Rajgir (Rajgriha), Bihar is one of the 80 Peace Pagodas built by the Japanese around the world. Made of white marble, this magnificent pagoda is dedicated to the eternal wish of lasting World peace and a nuclear weapon free world. It is built on the top of a hill called Gridhakuta (Gridha: Vulture, Kuta: Peak), where Lord Buddha had meditated for years.

In Picture: A view of the stupa during a monsoon afternoon. A Shiva devotee passes by.

Bihar, India


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  • Mehul Teli

    Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii, the founding preceptor of ‘Nippozan Myohoji’ met Gandhiji in 1933 at Wardha and became his life-long admirer. Gandhiji, too, impressed by his infinite clarity of purpose and dedication to peace, named him Fujii Guruji. In 1983, 1983, Fujii Guruji expressed his wish to build a Vishwa Shanti Stupa at Wardha. In 1993, the President of India, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma inuagurated the Stupa. Read more facts about the Vishwa Shanti Stupa on the Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation website.